Friday, January 19, 2018

A Reward!!!

Have you ever wondered, sometimes (in my case most of the times) there are things that we desperately want and life has it's own way of throwing surprises at us when that "want" is concerned.

This is one such thing that I wanted. I have been wanting this for quite sometime. I have checked with my seniors many times and returned with negative answer. Once I went ahead myself to get it, spending obscene amount and Goddess of luck got me half way through and she dropped me down royally.

So now, one fine morning, I am marching ahead to conquer the people who has what I want. I march ahead as a sole person, but with a confidence of one army.

As Napoleon says " You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of War". This enemy , I have fought many times for me to know the strategy.

I went ahead well prepared to negate every blow that I will receive. But then my enemy was tired, subdued. He only says " You can have it".

Can you believe it. I have now that "One" thing that I wanted and it feels unreal.

Till this moment I haven't thought past this point as I was in my cynic best to believe it is too dependent on luck to get and yours truly knows how well endowed are we on that.

First hurdle took 5 long years and wondering how many the next will take.😏

Cryptic post isn't it!!!!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Lesson on saving

Dewy and I are out for walking!!!  I call it a Double Trouble!! Wondering why.... It a big neighborhood mall.

There is a beautiful book shop in that mall. That is one among the reasons I love that mall.

And there is a obscenely big toy shop which is ONLY reason why Dewy loves that mall.

We had a deal. We go to toy shop, buy anything she wants but the cost should be within 500 Rs. I started doing this recently so that my daughter understands and appreciates the luxury she is having.

We go on a mission. She walks around that toy shop twice and she is disappointed. She couldn't find any toy within the price I had set.

The mother in me is now little worried. In a big toy shop , my daughter couldn't still find a toy which she was eagerly waiting for.

She comes to me with a dejected face and get 2 toys for which she couldn't find a price. I see one was Rs 700 (a unicorn from "my little pony") and another one Rs 450, though I could see she really loved the pony. I told her that there is offer for the pony  and hence it is coming to 400 which is below our budget. So I asked her for confirmation and she nods quickly.

There we step out and I am proud as well as guilty . Proud that my daughter understands the need to stay within limit, guilty that at times I push her too much for her age.

We walk around and go to book shop. Now it is my turn to go fanatical.

I walk around ogling books and end up having 2 in hand. Now she looks at price and says in a really loud voice "All these are above 500 Rs. Why do you waste the hard earned money. You stay late night in office to spend like this".

The shop keeper looks on this drama.

Dewy is unmindful of the surroundings, gives me earful about the books.

Sigh.... I return those 2 books and go to search for a book within 500 Rs. It is highly difficult to find a book at that price.

But still I get one. She double checks the price and nods her approval. The guy at billing desk is now in splits , looking at this preposterous conversation.

And I buy it. So much for teaching her savings. Boomerang!!!! 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Indian Railways at it's best

Ahaa.... Another complaint post. If that is what is running in your mind, then you are going on a different ride.

In a country this big, this wide it is always a engineering wonder to have train connectivity to all the places and;  to run it almost to near perfection is humongous task. I think we should be proud of it

It was just another day to me until this happened.

We had a CII audit in the company for which I was supposed to talk on Gender diversity in our company. And that was in Chennai.

Spent some time on getting a deck done
Packed the bags
Convinced Dewy that it is just a day's seminar
Handled all client calls on Friday night juggling with the OLA driver. (that's a separate story to be told)
I get to the station.

Sit there to watch people ( it is a nice past time to see different facets of people and watch reactions)

If any of you had experience of sitting in Indian Railway platforms and the number of announcements, you would when I say that I didn't give a damn about the announcements for 15 minutes. The jobless observer(yours truly) suddenly notices commotion.

Tada...  A nice lady from Railway announces that my train is delayed just 8 hours and will be starting on Saturday morning instead of Friday Night.

Then I get on a call with my travel department to see if they can rearrange and I think this is like a known ending of  a badly written story. To cut the chase, I didn't go to seminar.

If they had put in some checkpoint and informed the passengers a little early, it would have solved the whole chaos.

Sighhhh... I know it is insensitive to complain at this small diversion, but how I wish we get to a point where this can also be done.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Guilt Ridden

Have you ever noticed all these mommies who work? Heard them talk. It would mostly revolve around their kid. Long ago, I used to wonder why they don't find any other topics to talk about.

Now I realize it is not the lack of topic that is driving this discussion.

A normal day @ home.

- Wake up grudgingly (especially if you are not a morning person)
- Start cooking
- Wake up the kid
- Rush to bathroom and scold them to fasten up process
- Dress them up
- Push as much as breakfast possible
- Scold them for not eating properly
- Get out of house in a mad rush to catch school bus
- Sigh of relief!!
- Ohh Hoo.. Not over.... Finish Cooking
- Bath and get ready to beat the traffic and reach office
- Deal mails, escalations, management and people (not specifically in this order)
- Come back home, get the books out. Face it ( A ton of homework)
- Fix dinner and gobble it
- Check the gadgets and back to bed.

This is typically a day I have and I am sure most of us have with little variations. 

The lack of time to talk to kids, except to scold them and push them is the reason half of mommies talk about kids in office. Bingo!!!

But then why are we so guilt ridden, In a world where everything is measured and compared against, sometimes it is us who keep that invisible goal to us and always try to match up to others.

After being in this cat race for long, I decided to be reasonable. Not always aim to touch the silver lining.

It makes lives easier and little in control. Moreover for the over achievers it takes a lot of conscious effort to cut slack at some place. 

- At times if chapati is burnt, have learnt to not grudge about cooking skills
- If Dewy doesn't win some competition, that I slogged to teach, " Let it gooooooo...."
- If my deck doesn't match up to my counterpart and my manager chooses to take his over mine, SMILE and learn what was missing

I want to stop being guilty of not performing exceptionally well. I will do my best to be good and that stays there.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017


Dewy arrived to my life in May 2012. She was small and fresh like a dew drop on the grass in a December morning and little dark that I had doubts if she was mine. I don't remember who suggested  to use Saffron in milk, I certainly did gain color not Dewy.

In my anesthesia induced brain, I remembered asking my doctor, if this was my daughter. She nodded her head as if the anesthesia has clogged my ears and not my brain.

Anyway that said and done!!! I decided to go ahead with my doctor's answer and assured myself that she is my daughter and bring her home!!!

Ohhh my god!!! Every single step forward till date, she has shown so many characteristics (annoying ones at times) that reminds me of me.

- She looks like me, people say so :-)
- She loves books. My friends would claim that it is result of the torture that I did when was 6 months(i.e reading stories from books) and now at 5 1/2 she manages to read small books
- She loves to dance and she loves to roam around
- She loves Pink (obviously , though not my gene) but she says Green is soothing
- Loves pickles

- And many more points for people who observe.

Dewy!!! If you are reading this any point of life remember, I always knew you were mine,  I have read that sometimes anesthesia blocks eye sight temporarily. That settles it.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Reviving it !!! Hopefully keeping it for lifetime!!!

Last post in 2008 and now again bringing it up at 2017.

Does it makes sense? Do you have the time?

Sometimes random ranting helps!!!

So I think this is gonna help me search who I am in reality.

Welcome back Janani!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!

A New Year, a new start and a new life… Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

I am just peeping in here months later… Hope this New Year gives me enough time to start my bugging here.

Thought will collect few sweet memories of 2007.

Year started with a bash, probably the best New Year Eve I have celebrated.
A huge cake and half wasted on faces. Loads of silly games… And hours and hours of talking…. All happened in my training period

Got posting to Chennai and my parents were happy about it.

Was assigned to an amazing team and the work was so enjoyable.

And so on and on….

Finally now at the end of the year with a change in my status from Single to Committed, 2008 has dawned with fun and happiness.

Hope 2008 would bring luck and all the happiness we wish for!!!!