Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!

A New Year, a new start and a new life… Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

I am just peeping in here months later… Hope this New Year gives me enough time to start my bugging here.

Thought will collect few sweet memories of 2007.

Year started with a bash, probably the best New Year Eve I have celebrated.
A huge cake and half wasted on faces. Loads of silly games… And hours and hours of talking…. All happened in my training period

Got posting to Chennai and my parents were happy about it.

Was assigned to an amazing team and the work was so enjoyable.

And so on and on….

Finally now at the end of the year with a change in my status from Single to Committed, 2008 has dawned with fun and happiness.

Hope 2008 would bring luck and all the happiness we wish for!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

OMG!!! A Flat????

Living in a flat…. Does the space constraint irritate you….All bored and bugged… I had the same thoughts, when the job necessitated me to shift to a flat from a spacious independent home with copious water. I always used to say (Or complain) neither the land is ours; or the sky.

But the real fun in flats, I just came to know today. In a community of 298 flats, today I visited the Golu, they had arranged in the common hall. And also it was day for dhandiya today. All the kids over here girls dressed in ghaghara and guys dressed in kurta, it was amazing and cute. The first round of dance was by kids and a second round by all elders (All oldies and the newbies). It was cool to see people dancing without any inhibition.

When India won against Pakistan, they made it a point to celebrate with all pomp with drums and fireworks. Even our cricketers wouldn’t have celebrated their victory that way. Probably, this is where the real fun in flats lies. The spirit of oneness and the enthusiasm really enthralls me.

And thanks to Harini. She pointed out to me that my blog has crossed “10000” hits. Thanks to all the souls who read my blogs and contributed to them with comments.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hopping back to my usual Space!!!

Signed in to net after a month's gap.!!!!! (Just a month's gap???? It looked to me like a millennium). Saw the Blogger dashboard blinking at me and accusing “You updated me July 29th. Do I still mean the same to you???” Conscious stricken I patted on its shoulder and said the devil is back again.

Without net at home and almost 14 hour schedule in office I felt totally disconnected from the outside world for the past 2 months. Now with the usual josh I am hoping to be back again with my non-sense posts.

Hope I still have my friends out there to read my posts and comment.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Mélange

With Harini’s help; here I am to write 5 weird things about me,again!!!!
Lemme think how much I could cook up.

1) When I eat spicy food and eyes are red, tears running down, I end up drinking hot water. I somehow feel quite comfortable with that.

2) I can stay without food and water a whole day but can’t keep my mouth shut for long time. I love to talk, talk and talk. Many times it turns out to be non- sense too.. Ahem…

3) My mom hates when I get wet in rain. I really love to see those popping eyes of hers when I get back home wet from head to toe. Though getting wet in rain is something I really love; many a times I have wondered whether I did that just to see my mom getting irritated.

Harini; “5” is too huge a count. :-)

And to just add up, this is my 100th post. Thanks to all the wonderful friends out there who read and pooled in their comments that encouraged me to keep writing.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't be too fast

Have you ever heard the birds?
Composing music on the trees
Or listened to the rains
In a cold evening with breeze.
Time is short,
Don’t run so fast,
Life is not going to last.

Have you let a friendship die?
Simply because you have not time to say “Hi”,
Or someone asked you “How are you”,
And you didn’t find time to reply.
Time is short,
Don’t run so fast,
Life is not going to last.

Did you ever feel the morning bliss?
And felt like your day is made,
Or simply went to office as usual,
And slogged there for getting paid.
Time is short,
Don’t run so fast,
Life is not going to last.

Did you ever take a day off?
From your daily chores to rest,
Or simply went on running each day,
As though you are on a quest.
Time is short,
Don’t run so fast,
Life is not going to last.

How far will you go my friend?
Every road here has an end,
So better halt now and look around,
And try to hear your hearts sound.
Stop running now,
Before you tell yourself,
Life has ended, I don’t know how.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

How I wish to be back…..

No deadlines, No need to stare at monitor for hours together; forgetting time and food, and..... I would have had time to spend with friends, respond back to all their SMS and don’t keep giving people promises that I will call them back. Sad….. This also explains about my sporadic visits to blogs world.
When I looked at the college photo, it reminded me every minute of that amazing 4 years of my life. The time just flew away.

.... The first day in my college, feeling quite alien to the place, like a rabbit out of its burrow
.... the bus journey to my college which took solid 3 hours of my day, but all the funny incidents attached to it
.... The Neveili Industrial visit, getting up at 4 and reaching back home late by 11.30 with my parents waiting in doorstep with full josh to scold me
.... Friends who turned me to a movie maniac and all the weekend rendezvous at friend’s place to watch movies
.... The pre-final year tour to Kerala, and it was my first tour with friends, making it even more memorable
.... The late night waiting for our placement results. We were just roaming around the whole campus talking about all the possibilities that can happen
.... The last working day of our college, crying bitterly and then later on laughing, thinking how badly we cried. How silly of us!!!!
.... Silly grudges and petty fights in college
.... The last few months before joining office we spent going around to each other houses and spending night outs at friend’s place

Graduated and a year got over. Many of my friends placed in different organizations and few went to study further. Lost touch with few and for the rest; busy with our own work.

How I wish to get back to that student life… When we were in that phase we thought it to be boring and wearisome, but now that was the most heavenly part of life. I know there are many souls out there; who would say "I agree!!!!".

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How about you???

Have you ever spent time thinking about a task you need to tackle but keep putting off, then spend time telling yourself you just must get started and wondering when you will start it, and then feeling guilty because you are working on other tasks instead. Yet this one keeps hanging over your head. If this sounds familiar, you may be one of the many people who procrastinate.

Putting off the inevitable, sometimes until a deadline is staring you in the face, causes the highest stress level, and results in managing time by crises. There are many reasons why people procrastinate. For some it happens occasionally under specific circumstances, and for others, it is a way of life. Here we will explore a few of the reasons behind why people procrastinate.

1. Poor work habits. These people procrastinate on everything. They are so far behind that they are constantly trying to keep up with yesterday. Boy, talk about high stress!! Their response is usually, “I work best under pressure.” If the truth be known, they are poor organizers and have trouble prioritizing tasks and scheduling their time. It is easier to wait until the last minute to start a task because in their mind it is now important.

2. Feeling overwhelmed. When we don’t know how to do something, it is easier not to do anything at all. Or maybe we feel it would be too time consuming to learn what is needed to accomplish a particular task. It seems like it would take forever to complete. This is the time to break the task down into manageable parts. Decide a starting point and work for short periods of time, say 10 to 20 minutes. Then check off each part as completed. This imparts the feeling of accomplishment as work is being completed.

3. Trying to be perfect. What may be the goal of the perfectionist may well be looked on by others as nitpicking. Perfectionists usually see their responsibilities as burdens, making it more difficult for them to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. They start tasks but put off completion until it meets their standards for perfection. However, these standards are most likely not recognized or appreciated by others, and thereby the perfectionist has wasted a lot of time to accomplish the unnecessary.

4. Rather do something else. Unfortunately, we all dislike certain tasks that we have to do anyway. It could be filing, expense reports, or writing a report. So we keep putting it off, wishing it would go away. Think what would happen by delaying all unpleasant duties. After a while, their numbers build up to where that’s all there is to do. Then everything is unpleasant. Consider the consequences of not doing the unpleasant task. Recognize that it will not go away, but just delaying the inevitable.

Identify why you procrastinate on a particular task or project - do you hate it, are you feeling overwhelmed by a pending deadline, have a fear of failure, or are you just waiting for the ‘right time’ to start. Try setting aside a half hour a day to get started on whatever you are putting off. By working a half hour at a time, you will overcome the overwhelmed feeling and increase the momentum to work faster.

Consider the risks of waiting for that last minute ‘high.’ What if you got sick, priorities changed, or an unexpected crises or event developed. Recall the nightmare experienced the last time you procrastinated until the last minute.

When we procrastinate, we get behind before we even start, and create a major time problem.

I could hear a faint voice behind. Oops!! It's my mom. She is actually yelling, to clean my shelves. She has been telling me to do this for the past 2 months. He...he...he....

PS: I am sorry people for the irregular visits to the blogs. Few technical problems. Will certainly visit them promptly.