Friday, July 13, 2018

Stay Grounded

Don't we always hear from people to "Stay Grounded". I am a true follower of that. No joking!!

There is a certain additional gravity that brings me now and then closer ( I mean really closer) to earth.

I always feel that I have to keep touching Mother Earth to believe that nothing has changed and I am still the same person.

And yesterday I did have this one of my moments with Mother Earth. And now there is laceration ( I am not demented)

Now .. Now.. This isn't one of my "I-am-so-perfect" sessions.

Let me get there. Have you seen people who just keep tipping and falling down. (ahhhhhhh!!!!)

I am one of those. I am clumsy klutz. I can fall down on a flat area. Mind you it will not be even a slippery floor.

So yesterday I marked my entry into Certified Kultz of America.

I just had to get off bus. But I don't know how I did get off and land on my knees. Dewy was dumbstruck to me so closer to her height. She was looking down on me embarrassed.  Sigh.

I googled it long before(yeah you get all answers in google). This affinity of mine to fall on face every time I step out is due to flat foot.

It seems that the curve we have in our legs gives people enough vacuum to keep us from falling. Few unlucky ones (yours truly is) have lesser curve and that causes the easy tripping if not being careful.

That being said and done, I have now both my knee and my image scrapped.

It's not that I am being careless, it is just my love to Mother Earth keeping me grounded 😀

Friday, June 15, 2018

At times it is easier back there

There is no rhyme and reason for this post.  A weird thing happened today.  Me and Dewy were coming back from Summer camp and we were in metro. A black lady suddenly started shouting at us. We were few seats away from her and we had literally no connection to her. 

We just didnt know why she was shouting. We got down at our stop and the lady got down as well. And I walked to the bus stop to board our bus home.  And she left once I  started walking.

I didn't understand a single thing she said which left me wondering why was she shouting.🤔🤔

I couldn't ask her back why she is shouting at us, I didnt have guts to stand and ask her back 👊 which is what I would have done if I am in my motherland.

Sometimes being away from your ones gives you a sense of insecurity and all I could think at that time was Dewy's safety.

Probably when I look back this post after a year or two I might think that I chickened out from a fight.

Its an experience and there it is out in the world.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Indians and Q System

It is really funny as you see it. This is us, just us Indians waiting in the bus stand in US on a working day morning. Can you imagine the same in any of our Indian bus stops. 🤔🤔

Monday, May 28, 2018


No one else .. literally no one else can speak about Friends other than me... ohh wait.  I am not certainly talking about that long series ( that's a completely different topic though)

I think Bible says "The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.".

This came up when I was talking to one of my colleagues here in US. He said, we need to be good to friends to survive here. That sounded kinda altruistic. Not being judgmental. Don't we always have to be good to friends.???? Or else why are you even tagging them as friends. But then since being new comer, I kept my comments to myself.

One thing I notice here is the same people who wouldn't even bother to see people's faces back in India, here the moment they sees an Indian, a smile lit up on face and even if the person knows you only by face they will volunteer if you need help(will they help in the moment of need ??? 😏I am not planning to comment again).

I wonder if it is the need to be a comfort zone, gives people that good habit which is considerably difficult to find back home. You only get nosy agony aunts. You cannot agree more with me on this.

I am little choosy whom I call them BFF. I have a limited good friends, whom I lean on, but generally a  larger population of people I keep touch with. 

Few things that sounds weird but I when I read and it makes sense

1) Strong-willed friends can help increase your self-control ( There is a Harvard study which agrees on this). I have survived only due to 2 of them.
2) Close friends could be the secret to longevity ( There is again some paper on this). I think this has got to do with fact that you dump all your worries to that person and certainly decreases your BP and increases theirs :-). I have to again mention the 2 of them who has been like pillars of strength. They certainly got BP due to me.
3)Friends help you improve your personality. Can't deny it at all. Many of the traits and likes a person develops are from their friends. Like this post and also the push to blog again has been a trait that I forgot and brought back by a friend.

To friends whom I miss after coming here and to the friends I am planning to add coming here.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

First post from faraway land

*** Supposed to be my first post***

I had waited 2 long weeks to do my first post from LaLa land .

I thought I would do about festival. This was a first festival I did without family and friends around me and not eating mom's food.

My memory of festivals has been  big gatherings at Granny's place where we all cousins meet, eat and have fun.

And since I am the kiddo in the whole group (erstwhile time) I used to get highest kai nettam amount all together. Yeah I am talking about vishu

This year it has been a very lonely one with just Dewy and me and I gave her kainettam and we went to temple (I know that reaction!!!😛😛😛😛😛😛 You got to do, when you are far away from your people)

But still festival  gives me time to rewind and remember the good times we have as a family and as a group.

For the GOOD times we had!!

Happy Vishu!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Life doesnt have to be this complicated

You would  think I am mad to assume that life is bed of Roses. I know it is not.Trust me I have my fair share of thorns.

Somehow seeing Dewy seeing not happy after I made this life changing decision seems to prick me more than any other thorns.

God give me patience to deal with it.

Friday, March 30, 2018

I love Kids

A vague memory!!

When you announce to world that you are pregnant, random people will ask you with wide grin and big eyes " Aren't you excited?" and I always meticulously grin back and say "yeah".
Excited? Here I am wondering about sleepless nights and cranky baby.

By the way, I have never tagged myself to be a "ohhh I looove  kids" person.

Those excited people fall into any of these categories
A) Already one kid person - welcome to the world of obsessed parents. Now I will see how you fare better than me.
B) Happy Bachelorette - Now she will certainly spend less time for career. I am better than her now. Will ask my manager to consider me for promotion
C) Team member - She will go off and we can probably get a saner manager who will be less torturous
D) Rarely found genuine always-happy-for-others people.

My motto as usual was to tackle things when the devil is out. And this is how my life pans out.

Dewy : Amma, nee (you)...
I intervene.. Dewy, you are supposed to talk with respect to when you talk to elders.
Dewy: okay.. Amma.. Ningal (you with respect) waste aanu.


Me to Dewy - Stop staring in mirror for such long time. You will look the same even if you stare for long
Dewy to Me - then why do you spend so much time in front of stove. Your food with taste the same even if you cook for long

Wasn't my motto correct!!!

PS :Dewy, You should know that though I called you devil (assuming you read this post) , you still occupy 90% of my brain all the time. I typed this whole post traveling in rickety auto. (Rest 10% I have to utilize to get work done in office).